Carbotec TR

Dissolved Gas Content Sensor
Dissolved Gas Content Sensor

A monitoring device to measure the amount of
dissolved gas in a liquid like soft drinks

Measuring Range: 0 - 10 g/litre  CO2
Accuracy: +/- 0.05 g/litre CO2
Reproducibility: +/- 0.01g/litre CO2
Temperature Compensation: PT100

Temperature Range: -10 - +100°C
Pressure max. 10 bar g.

Enclosure Rating IP65


The Carbotec TR-PT in-line transmitter measures continuously and exactly the content of dissolved gas in liquids, for example for monitoring the carbon dioxide content in carbonated drinks.

For determining the CO2-content of a carbonated liquid, every 20 seconds a 25ml sample is isolated from the main stream. The pressure of this sample is abruptly reduced to below atmospheric pressure. The resultant pressure will differ from that of a non-carbonated liquid according to the volume of dissolved CO2 in the sampled liquid. This difference in resulting pressure is the basis for calculating the CO2- content of the liquid. The temperature dependence of the measurement signal is electronically compensated by PT100. After the measurement the sample is returned to the beverage line. The CO2-concentration can be displayed in different units like e.g. g/l.

The menu-driven software includes the product-specific calibration and product selection. Analogue and digital in- and outputs onboard can be used for process controlling and automation. The sensor has a hygienic construction and is cleanable with all in food- and beverage industry typical CIP-media

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