TR - Sensor Signal Transmitters
MCM - Concentration Monitor

Data Signal Processors and Transmitters
Signal Transmitters

Centec provide a variety of output signals processors to
interpret the product data obtained from one or more different
sensors. It can then be displayed locally and/or transmitted
to a process control or SCADA system

Data evaluation might require interpretation, display and
transmission of some or all of the following information:
>Flow Rate
>Product Temperature
>Product Pressure
>Product Density
>Sound Velocity (analogous to Concentration)
>Oxygen content
>Carbon Dioxide content
>Nitrogen content
>Alcohol Content
and possibly other process specific parameters

Enclosure rating: IP65

All stainless steel construction (pharma)
ATEX Explosion proof on specific models
Profibus DP, Ethernet, Modbus etc

Please ask for more details.

United Kingdom
Sensors & Monitoring Equipment for Process Liquids and Gases
Protecnica Solutions Ltd
are UK distributor for
Centec GmbH

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