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Germany: Centec Headquarters and Technical Sales Office:
English and German are spoken

Centec GmbH
Wilhelm-Roentgen-Str. 10
D-63477 Maintal
Frankfurt, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)6181 1878 0
Fax: +49 (0)6181 1878 50
email: and

United Kingdom:
UK distributor for Centec GmbH Sensors

Protecnica Solutions Ltd
Stalworths, The Street,
Great Tey, Colchester,
Essex, CO6 1JS
United Kingdom

Telephone numbers:
Colchester HQ: +44 (0)1206 211 921
Manchester: +44 (0)161 408 4336 (attended part-time)


Contact: Jeremy Strickland - Mobile: 07763 865 974
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Frank Molloy
Frank Molloy was the previous representative for Centec in the UK. Frank's career in the industry spanned several decades. He was very well known and highly respected as a person and for his knowledge. He had worked with Centec for about 10 years. Sadly, Frank died unexpectedly in December 2010 after a short illness. He is greatly missed. Our condolences go to his family and friends

For Frank's customers and the users Centec equipment, the team at Protecnica Solutions Ltd and Centec GmbH are available to assist you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

United Kingdom
Sensors & Monitoring Equipment for Process Liquids and Gases
Protecnica Solutions Ltd
are UK distributor for
Centec GmbH

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