Sensors and Product Monitors 
by Centec GmbH

Centec Sensors are ideally suited for monitoring liquids and gases in applications throughout the beverage, soft drinks, food, water processing, personal-care products, medical products, pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, semi-conductor, chemical and other quality critical manufacturing industries.

Centec GmbH are a well established German manufacturer of process monitoring equipment and control signal transmitters. Centec Senors accurately measure and provide reliable data on fluid and gaseous product characteristics and on the performance of manufacturing process systems.

Major processors around the world use Centec Sensors to ensure that their products are produced to consistently high standards and importantly that their manufacturing processes operate efficiently at minimum cost.

Centec has manufacturing facilities near Frankfurt in Germany and in the Czech Republic. Sales and support are available globally through Centec Group companies in Germany, Czech, USA, Brazil, India and Serbia and through dedicated representatives and distributors in many other countries. In the UK Centec is represented now by Protecnica Solutions Ltd.

Centec's people are not only highly skilled and experienced in the design and manufacture of sensors, but several key members of the team also have extensive knowledge of liquid and gas process systems, and their control & construction; especially de-aeration, water treatment, carbonation and continuous blending. As a result, advice and support are readily available.

Quality Assurance

Centec GmbH are certified to ISO 9001:2008
Centec Sensors are certified to or meet the following standards:
All applicable European Directives
US FDA CFR 21 for product contact elastomers and plastic parts.
ATEX on specific model variants for explosion risk environments.
PTB certification on specific models. Pysikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt is the German Physical Technical Agency.

Other customer specific variants are considered and produced on request, such as surface polishing in compliance with ASME BPE (Bio Process)
Centec Industries

United Kingdom
Sensors & Monitoring Equipment for Process Liquids and Gases
Protecnica Solutions Ltd
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Centec GmbH

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