Oxygen Content Sensors - OXYTRANS
'Oxytrans TR' Series oxygen monitors measure the oxygen content in liquids and gases using the principle of quenched luminescence.
Accuracy to 1 ppb in liquids or 0.002% in gases.
'Oxytrans M' are portable handle-held oxygen meters - Robust, IP65, rechargeable and highly accurate. Features include data-logging, USB interface and PT100 temperature compensation. 'Oxytrans M' is an essential tool for product analysis in laboratories, fault finding by process maintenance technicians and for the inspection of water systems. details

Product Concentration Monitors - SONATEC
'Sonatec' sensors measure the speed of sound through a liquid. This data allows the concentration of media such as sugar, alcohol or acid to be displayed locally or transmitted to a process system control. details
'Sonatec' is mounted into the wall of a vessel to measure the sound velocity through the liquid or to check the progress of a process. 'Sonatec HW' sensors are frequently used to monitor fermentation processes in breweries or bio-pharmaceutical application. details

Product Density Monitors
'Rhotec TR' is mounted on to a process line to continuously measure the density of liquids. The data can be used for process control, quality management and to identify the interface between product and cleaning media, so as to reduce unnecessary wastage. details

Concentration + Density Combination - COMBITEC
'Combitec SD' combines in one unit 'Rhotec' fluid density sensing and 'Sonatec' sound velocity measurement. They work together to provide comprehensive information about the  product characteristics and important process performance data. In breweries 'Combitec SD' provides information about alcohol content, original gravity and extract. details 

Dissolved Gas Content Sensors - CARBOTEC
'Carbotec TR' sensors measure the dissolved gas content of a liquid in-line by regular abrupt localised decompression. e.g.: The measurement of carbon dioxide in carbonated soft drinks and beer. details

Signal Transmitters and Processors - TR and MCM
Centec manufacture the electronic units necessary to control, process, interpret, display and transmit the data from a variety of sensors. details
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